The sound system is different from others

Jade sound•De-wood shell•Change jade and new clothes

  • 01. High fidelity
    Due to the high strength and heavy quality of the natural stone box, the vibration of the speaker sound can not shake the vibration of the natural frequency of the box and the low sound transmission rate, the various sound distortion caused by the box resonance has been completely solved
  • 02. High aesthetics
    Natural jade is the natural beauty given by nature. The box made of various kinds of stones such as jade is not deformed, fades, and is not afraid of moisture. There are all kinds of colors and patterns, and each product has different colors and patterns
  • 03. Favorite value is high
    Jade and other high-end stone acoustics reflect the quality, appearance and sound of high-end handicrafts, which make it a handicraft, a high-end audio product, and a souvenir that can be passed down for a hundred years

Jade sound - Cut and polish with natural jade

Exquisite craftsmanship•Delicate feel•Crystal clear

  • Jade maker·The most important weapon of the country
    There is no country without jade, which embodies the charm of the East. The thousand-year-old jade culture has become more and more popular in high-end tastes, and the demand is very high
  • Good person · take great pains
    The material is environmental friendly, natural and luxurious, and the enthusiasts are attracted to it, with high taste, and must be carefully carved by skilled craftsmen, which is expensive
  • Phonologist·Rebuild the legend
    Yuyin Jade Sound combines the beauty of traditional jade culture with the creativity of music and sound, and creates a legendary jade sound with minimal processing

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The carving of oriental charm • The bearing of elegant tone in prosperous times

  • C

    The wisdom of all ages

  • T

    The clamor of the world

  • R

    Silence of all things

  • X

    Fairy House

Jade sound - perfect combination of natural beauty and electroacoustic technology

The sound is full, delicate, high and low

Fine workmanship

Value increase

Unconventional lifting

Jade sound - Taste luxury Noble and flawless Cover the world

Rich culture Natural identity




Lead to the best

Jade sound Strong corporate culture

Focus on brand cultivation and shaping Quality management and service first

Break traditional production process,“Do not take the ordinary road”The conventional wooden audio products have been changed to be able to listen and act as Upscale household decorations and collectibles.Committed to building high-end brands.


The spirit of craftsman,
striving for perfection,
never ending


   Sincere service   

Recruitment of agents

Take the brand express to make the business take off

  • Small market competition

  • Good discount income

  • No middleman to reduce costs

  • Physical e-commerce operation

  • Diversified channels and high rebate

  • Investment flexibility

  • Independent distribution

  • Free exchange

  • No inventory required

  • Headquarters support

Creating wealth, looking for space, money, and sound guidance

Jade sound Strong support Almighty